Bangladesh Customs Tariff 2024-2025

Importing or exporting goods to Bangladesh? Understanding the latest customs tariff is crucial for a smooth and cost-effective process. Here will be your guide to the Bangladesh Customs Tariff for the fiscal year 2024-2025!

What is a Customs Tariff?

Customs tariff is a rulebook outlining the taxes and duties levied on goods entering or leaving a country. It specifies the Harmonized System (HS) Code for each product category, along with the corresponding tax rates.

Where to Find the Bangladesh Customs Tariff 2024-2025

The good news is that the Bangladeshi government makes the customs tariff readily accessible online. You can find it on the official Bangladesh Customs website. However, you can download the Bangladesh Customs Tariff 2024-2025 pdf file from this blog.

Key Things to Know About the Bangladesh Customs Tariff 2024-2025

The tariff uses a multi-tiered system, with various taxes and duties applied:

  • Customs Duty (CD): This is the base tax levied on imported goods.
  • Supplementary Duty (SD): An additional tax on top of the CD for certain items.
  • Value Added Tax (VAT): A broad-based consumption tax applied to most goods and services.
  • Advance Income Tax (AIT): An upfront tax on certain imported items.
  • Regulatory Duty (RD): A duty imposed to regulate specific products.

The specific rates for each tax category will vary depending on the HS Code of your product.

Remember that Customs tariffs are subject to change throughout the year. It’s recommended to check the Bangladesh Customs website periodically for any updates or amendments that might affect your import or export activities.

Download Bangladesh Customs Tariff 2024-2025

You can download Bangladesh Customs Tariff 2024-2025 directly from the Bangladesh Customs website. Here I have given the download link click on the DOWNLOAD button below you can download the Bangladesh Customs Tariff 2024-2025 pdf file directly.

Wrap Up

By familiarizing yourself with the Bangladesh Customs Tariff 2024-2025, you can ensure a smooth and cost-effective customs clearance process for your goods. Remember, this blog serves as a general guide, and consulting a professional can provide more specific advice tailored to your situation.

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