RJSC Registration Fees for Foreign Company in Bangladesh

RJSC Registration Fees for Foreign Company in Bangladesh

Registering a foreign company in Bangladesh involves navigating various procedures and regulations. Understanding the associated fees is crucial for budgeting and planning your business venture effectively. This article delves into the details of RJSC registration fees for foreign companies, providing a comprehensive overview to guide your journey.

Key Registration Fees

To register a foreign company in Bangladesh, it is necessary to pay fees for name clearance, registration, and certified copies. Below, we will outline the specifics of these fees.

Name Clearance

Submitting proposed names for your company incurs a BDT 500 fee per name. This fee covers the initial check for name availability and potential conflicts with existing registered entities. Time extensions for name approval require an additional BDT 200 per application. If you need more time to finalize your chosen name, you can apply for an extension at an additional cost.

Registration Fees

The core registration fee is BDT 2,000 and the registration filling fee is BDT 2,400 and both costs are incurred with VAT 15%, covering the filing of various documents:

  • 5 filled-in forms
  • 1 Memorandum and Articles of Association

Additional fee based on authorized share capital: This fee varies depending on the registered capital of your company

Additional Fees

A fee of BDT 200 is applicable for obtaining certified copies of documents. These copies of registered documents may be required for different purposes and can be obtained at a nominal fee. The copying fee is BDT 10 per 100 words, and there is a minimum preparing fee of BDT 200, with an additional preparing fee of BDT 10 per 100 words.

Finally Insights

Remember, these are base fees. Additional charges might apply depending on your specific case. Fees are subject to change, so always verify the latest information directly with the RJSC through their website or contact them for confirmation.

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